Frequently Asked Questions

About isumu’s Buddha statues
Q1:What is a polystone?
Polystone is a compound of resin and powdered stone, effective for expressing weightiness and small details.
Q2:Are 3D printers used?
All processes, from prototype to coloring, are all done by hand.
Q3: Is there a soul in the Buddha statues?
We do not perform any religious kind of ceremonies on isumu’s products. Please consult your family temple.
Q4:Is it OK to touch with bare hands?
Yes, but please be careful touching parts with gold leaf. It could peel off due to the characteristics of gold leaf, though such cases are very rare.
Q5:Can colors fade or discolor?
Depending on the coloring and painted areas, it can fade due to strong UV-rays. Please avoid displaying under direct sunlight.
Q6:Can I get the color changed?
We offer a service to change the coloring. Please contact ISUMU SUPPORT.
Q7:Will Buddha statues which are no longer available be resold?
There is a chance we reproduce products with many requests from our customers. Please contact ISUMU SUPPORT and let us know.
Q8:I would really like to purchase the product which is no longer available.
We will guide you to other stores with stocks. Please check the store list with available stocks. Please be aware that some products may be unavailable in all stores.
Q9:Gloves were not included in TanaCOCORO[掌].
We do not include gloves for TanaCOCORO[掌] series.
About directly-managed store
Q1:What kind of products are sold here?
All isumu’s products are available (some accessories are not available in store). BUTUZOU WORLD gallery is attached to isumu Omotesando store, and many events are held.
Q2:What are your business hours?
Business hours: 11a.m to 7:30p.m Tuesday - Sunday (Closed: every Monday, during New Year holidays) closed: New Year holidays
Q3:Can I use a credit card?
Yes, all major credit cards are available of use.
Q4:How can I find the location of isumu Omotesando store?
Please call us. We will guide you from where you are. Our staff will welcome you from B2 Exit of Omotesando station if you are unsure.TEL:03-6419-7822
Q5:What is the difference between isumu Omotesando store and other stores?
CLUB isumu point is available at isumu Omotesando store (Directly-managed store). Also, exclusive products are sold as well as events. Our directly-managed store
How to care your isumu products
Q1:How do I clean the statues?
Dust can be brushed off with soft brushes.
Please avoid cloths or cleaning dusters as these can easily get caught on small parts.