To celebrate the 10th anniversary of isumu's establishment, We will hold a 10% off campaign for all products. Please spend peaceful days with yourself and your family with the Buddha statues of isumu!
*Shipping is not discounted by 10%


isumu was created to present traditional Buddhist statues as art objects.
We recommend a new lifestyle where traditional art can become a part of your day-to-day world. Produced using modern materials and technology, our Buddhist statues combine an ancient presence and with unsurpassed quality, suitable to be admired as interior décor.

Line Up

isumu’s products vary in the size;S-Class,Standard and Tanacocoro.
Here is the detailed information about our statues.
isumu’s top selection, pursuing the overwhelming sense of presence and precise details with an impact of over 50cm in size. “S” stands for “Superior”.
This size is an interior selection which makes up the foundation of isumu. It allows us to choose wherever we want to decorate.
A palm sized series with much quality within the 20cm height. The familiar scale that matches any space expands the delight of collecting.
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